Campfire Conversations - Stream One


An exciting group program starting on the 5 February and running for 8 weeks; with calls every second week. These calls will bring likeminded business mums together (by the campfire) to have focused conversations on specific topics related to life and business with the aim of achieving balance in your life. Rachel will be facilitating these conversations offering insights from her experience and the many mums she talks to on a daily basis.

Calls will run in two streams, you are welcome to do one or both (special deal on both is $160). This stream will cover Organising Your Life, stream two is Simply Marketing.

Session dates and details for this stream:

Thursday 8 February, 10am-12noon - Introductions and goal setting

Thursday 22 February, 10am-12noon - Domestic systems - meals

Thursday 8 March, 10am-12noon - Domestic systems - general

Thursday 22 March, 10am-12noon - Business Systems - admin, emails


To book for both streams follow this link