Gift Guide

For The Family

It is widely agreed that family time is so hard to find. Quality time for all the family to spend together, participating in an activity at the same time. Stepping away from the routine of every day. These gifts will help you to create family memories, spending quality time together.

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Tushon Premium Toilet Seat Covers

TUSHON – The world’s first premium, individually wrapped toilet seat covers! TUSHON premium toilet seat covers safeguard you and your family from the nasties of public toilets, giving you comfort, protection and peace of mind.
· Strong premium 3 Ply toilet tissue
· Individually wrapped - greater hygiene, convenience and discreet use - perfect for any bag.
· New distinctive shape and size - complete coverage and hygienic protection.
· Unique wings for extra protection and keeps little hands safe.
· Environmentally friendly – made from toilet tissue, biodegradable, flushable, reduces tissue waste.
· Unique portable hygiene solution – quick and easy to use.


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Bubbedapp - FREE

For the busy business mum, the perfect free gift! A free sign up to bubbed app for mums, where you can make new friends and chat about your kids in the comfort of the office or home, especially when you don't have time for playdates or Meetups with other mums!


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2018 Australian Mental Fitness Diary

Resilience Agenda wants people to think of Mental Fitness like they do their Physical Fitness. The 2018 Resilience Agenda Mental Fitness Diary by Resilience Agenda is an everyday planner for people who want to build their mental fitness and improve the overall quality of their lives.  The 2018 Diary is a premium designed 192 page appointment book, organizer, scheduler and yearly planner that helps keep mental fitness and wellbeing front of mind every day of the year. 


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Care Australia

The average Australian forks out $500-$650* in festive gifts, but it’s estimated up to $630 million worth of them are turfed in the trash, gather dust on a shelf or are auctioned online. If even a fraction of the seasonal splurge was transformed into CAREGifts, an online registry of life-changing presents, it would make a phenomenal difference to families living in poverty. Just $15 can buy a family a chicken, giving them eggs to eat or sell as an income, while $665 can provide a pond for a community so families have enough water to grow crops and vegetables.

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Justick Mini

The balancing act of work and family life means that parents lean on any invention that can help manage the juggle. The new Justick™ Mini whiteboard, reinvents conventional noticeboards with advanced technology to provide the ultimate triple-function family organiser. Using electro adhesion technology, the Justick™ Mini allows photos, notes, etc. to be easily fixed to the board and the clear Dry-Erase overlay then works as a whiteboard.

The perfect gift for busy families (to keep track of schedules and chore sheets), the businesswoman (great addition to the work space) and mums who love cooking (great meal planner/shopping list tool).


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The Cord Roll

Stop losing time searching for the little things in life - keep them rolled up and ready for anything. Whether you’re navigating the concrete pathways of the urban landscape or getting lost off the beaten track we’ve got your back. Tuck away earphones, cables, chargers and easily lost treasures in the Cord Roll - it’ll keep them safe for you. Promise.


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