Marketing Accelerator Program

Providing you with the knowledge to understand marketing as it relates to your business

Enabling you to create a solid marketing plan

Giving you the confidence to outsource marketing activities

Sourcing the best professionals to support you

The 12 week marketing accelerator program, and will move you from being lost in the marketing jungle to business growth. Creating new business habits and strengthening your business core.

All business owners suffer overwhelm, and why wouldn't we. Managing financials, legal, human resources and marketing - all before we have started making our products or delivering our services.

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Large companies have departments who look after all of these different aspects, as small business owners we are lucky to have more than just us! And when it comes to marketing, there is so much to take in. Everyone has a different opinion of what you should do - or even how you should do it. Things change so quickly, there is so much research available, so much information coming at you. It is all confusing, often conflicting, who should you listen to?

I am Rachel Allan, my first job was with Rural Press (now Fairfax) as a publishers assistant - basically inserting catalogues into the middle of the newspaper. In this role I learned how newspapers go together, from editing, creating plates, printing and distribution. While I was at University I conducted door-to-door market research, was a designer for a business card creator, researched and promoted events with the local council. My grounding in marketing had started. In the 23 years since I have worked with Government, not-for-profits, micro, small and medium business. Providing expertise in marketing strategy and communication. After consulting for the last 13 years I have seen many business owners lost and confused in this world, easily led astray by 'experts'. I have helped many business owners to understand and create a big picture strategy for their marketing - breaking it down into actionable campaigns and delivering results.

My knowledge, and the expertise of other trusted marketing professionals, will be imparted to you over the 12 week program.

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At the end you will have a marketing strategy for your business. You will have campaigns ready to be implemented. You will have the knowledge about outsourcing or running the campaigns yourself. The power of your marketing will finally, be in your own hands. 

We cover the following topics:

Market Research; Ideal Client; Uniqueness; Product Development; SWOT Analysis; Marketing Goals; Resourcing; Branding; Marketing Mix; Websites; Digital Communications; Advertising; Promotions; Content; Publicity; Lead Funnels; Sales; Review; Automating; Outsourcing; Planning

Each week you will ~ receive a knowledge email ~ invited to an expert discussion  ~ attend a brainstorm session

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