Your Strategic Marketing Partner
Giving you direction and helping you grow in an authentic, dynamic, savvy way
Effective marketing will lead you to business success. A success you define.
Marketing needs to be seen not as a standalone activity within your business. It needs to be pro-active and holistic. You need to integrate marketing across your entire business.

Your marketing needs to be planned and implemented professionally.

Rachel Allan, is your strategic marketing partner and will give you direction, help you grow and create business success. 

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This is not a one sided partnership. There will be no handing over your marketing and you holding no responsibility (let's face it if you want then we are talking business partnership!). We will ask for complete transparency. We will ask questions and want honest answers. You may squirm.

Effective marketing will lead you to a success you define

  • Savvy Research
    Learn and understand about yourself, your customers, products and services so you can make practical decisions about your marketing. Review your marketing to date and use your intuition to make common sense decisions about the future. Empower yourself to have good judgement about your marketing which aligns with your values.
    Dynamic Strategy
    Create a process for your business and life, guiding you to progress and balance. Define your goals which are positive and focused on action. Goals bringing your ideas to life and supported by people and finances which are achievable for you. Develop your business branding which is aligned with your own energy.
    Authentic Campaigns
    Connect with your business, by having the confidence and passion to step out of your comfort zone. Create campaigns which tell the story of your business in your way. Using methods which resonate with you. Develop a mindset for marketing, which sees you getting out of your own way, and having business success.
  • authentic, dynamic, savvy: Modern Marketing for business success
    Due for release mid-2019 Rachel Allan's new book will change the way you think about business and marketing.
    Individual coaching to help you grow your business and your self. Click here for coaching details
  • Create Success
    Create a sales and marketing funnel which is uniquely yours. Helping your ideal client to now you, like you, trust you and ultimately do business with you. Review your marketing. Developing systems allowing you to pivot your business. Developing a positive mindset, allowing for change, resilience and constructive criticism.
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