Book two

The next book is coming - set for release in 2019

I have worked with hundreds of businesses. From small to large. Corporate, not-for-profit and Government. I have coached and consulted to loads of micro and small business.

I see the same problem - no plan. No reason for why they are undertaking certain marketing tasks. No purpose for being on Facebook, or sending an email, or advertising in a certain place. 

Making decisions that are reactive and not proactive.

Not seeing any results because their marketing is not integrated.

Women in business tell me they are too busy to do the plan - they are juggling. When they follow my advice and plan out there marketing the results are business growth. Achievement of both balance and success - on their terms.

Following on from the success of my first book When Business Meets Baby: Practical tips & tools to achieving balance, I am inspired to write this book and to help my readers move towards success - and a success that is on their terms.

Just as in When Business Meets Baby readers are moving towards balance - and a balance that is on their terms!

This new book will take marketing, blend it with mindset. Sprinkle it with authenticity, dynamic ideas and savvy-ness. Mix it all up to get growth and success!

I would love your thoughts on success - I compiled this survey and being seeking feedback - click here to contribute

I am still writing this, it is something our audience is asking for, it is needed - a feminine approach to marketing and business success.

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