As an ex-sailor, I have always loved this saying:

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind ~ adjust your sails.”

I would spend every Saturday racing around buoys on a lake ~ sometimes in the ocean. You would be given a course and the first boat home wins. I can remember being so focused on reaching the next buoy. Trying to get to the destination the fastest. Relying, or hoping for a steady wind – knowing there would be gusts, lulls and changes in direction. Always reading the water, watching other boats and reading the sails ~ aiming to keep momentum, be the fastest and reach that buoy before my competitors.

Much like business, having an end goal in mind, actions which will bit-by-bit get me to the finish line. Always checking on my own momentum, those around me. Monitoring competitors and what my customers want. Checking in on myself to ensure I am still passionate about my business and what I am aiming for.

Changing direction if I need to.

I have always been heading to the main goal with my business ~ freedom ~ however my course has changed over the years.

From outsourced event management. To marketing, ebusiness, weddings and running our own events. To digital marketing. To writing a book and creating a business supporting and empowering mums in business to create and grow, not only a business but their family too!

Business encourages you to grow, and you therefore need to evolve your business, mostly so you stay interested in it and passionate about it. Your customers will always pick-up on your lack of interest in your business and serving them.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of a piece of your business. Or make a change that you need to. Sometimes your customers may not like it. Basically, humans do not like change, we long for routine and familiarity.

So change can be hard, sometimes it is necessary.

I have two businesses ~ both are about Empowering women in business to be the best versions of themselves. Do I help blokes, yes I do. Rachel Allan supports mums in business and Visionary encourages business growth through marketing.

Visionary 3.0 (because this is the third evolution) is re-launching, still focused on business growth through marketing. However, we are taking a collaborative approach ~ think co-working space, online, for marketing professionals. We are connecting modern marketing professionals with small business. I can’t wait for everyone to see the power of this new business model!

And so, for another time in business, I adjust my sails and keep on heading to my goal. I can’t see the finish line, but I am absolutely having fun!

If you would like to hear more about Visionary then drop me an email!