Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy

Strategic marketing plan

As you read Authentic Dynamic Savvy: Modern Marketing for Business Success you are hopefully going to be motivated to create your own Strategic Marketing Plan.

This template will help you do just that – and it is yours as a gift and a thank-you for purchasing the book.

The Complete Bundle


 To help dive even deeper into your marketing, and create an authentic, dynamic, savvy plan the workbook helps you to understand the marketing theory you learn in the book and apply it directly to your business. By simply just looking for the ‘w’ icons and doing the work.

  Follow the pathways in the workbook to complete the Strategic Marketing Plan template and also the 2020 Marketing Planner. You are going to move forward with clarity, focus and excitement with your marketing.

 The planner is a year long planner focused on marketing implementation, helping you to stay focused and accountable.

 Combined these are an incredibly powerful way for you to experience business growth and success with effective marketing!


If you are seeking a succesful business, with effective marketing and positive mindset then the Marketing Mastermind from Rachel Allan will help you.

Empowering business owners to be the best version of themselves is what Rachel Allan wants to achieve. This monthly program offers you all the tools you need to be a success and have effective marketing.

Stay up-to-date with Rachel Allan

You have your copy of Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business success, and your journey to more effective and proactive marketing has started!
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