Business Immersion Day

12 November 2021 | 9am-3pm

Taking time out of our busy schedules is the first step in becoming un-busi. The next step is using the time wisely, and immersing you in your business.

Virtually we will take a deep dive together into your business. Looking at your desires and more importanty how you want to show up in 2022 and beyond.

You will leave with a blueprint for success for 2022 and beyond.

The importance of planning & dreaming

External pressures have thrown so many businesses into chaos. Those with a plan have been able to stay focused, calm & pivot, staying in control of their business and success.

Planning does not have to be boring or hard. It can be grounding, empowering and fun. Planning does not need to restrict how you do business, it will give you a framework to create success and achieve balance.

When we immerse ourselves into your business, you will be able to dream, think bigger, reflect and create the blueprint for your business you deserve.

The Day

Together we will create one page plans for:

  • Inspiration – how you will grow, what balance means to you & define your word of the year
  • Life – your personality, purpose, values, boundaries & what success means to you
  • Business – your super power, purpose, business boundaries, uniqueness & what you want to achieve in 2022
  • Financial – your goals, actions, budgets & money mindset
  • Marketing – your goals & actions
  • Communications – your customers, messaging, mediums, frequency & outcomes
  • Goal creation – your 2022 goals, outcome & deadlines!

Take homes

A full day of immersion with likeminded business owners and Rachel Allan

The 2022 un-busi-ness planner

Planning & accountability calls throughout 2022 (top level only)

Support via email and a dedicated Facebook group in 2022

Immersion Day

9am – 3pm virtual
2022 un-busi-ness planner
eBook version of Authentic Dynamic Savvy: Modern marketing for business success
Productivity course


Immersion & Accountability

9am – 3pm virtual
2022 un-busi-ness planner
eBook: Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business success
Productivity ecourse
Full 2022 Accountability Circles (4 calls a quarter)
4x one-to-one coaching sessions
eBook: When Business Meets Baby: Tips and hints to achieving balance
Marketing Strategy workbook & template


Rachel Allan


Combining planning, goal setting & accountability is the success system all business owners need. Rachel Allan created the system as a way for owners to be ‘un-busi’ and still grow their business(es), families and self. 

Rachel has coached and mentored hundreds of businesses – being part of programs for the Australian Government (Boosting Female Founders), Victorian State Government (Business Recovery) and working with THE Rural Woman and Small Business Mentoring Service in delivering mentoring and training.

She also runs workshops and programs for strategic thinking and planning. Including her own Accountability circles and THE Rural Woman Virtual Business Incubator.

As a small business owner, mother and woman she gets the pressures facing every day business owners. This system is about removing ‘busi’ from your business and creating space to grow into the best version of yourself.