life wasn’t supposed to be BUSY

2022 un-busi-ness Planner

The 2022 VIP Business Immersion day will help you set your planner up for huge success in 2022 and to kick 'busy' to the kerb.

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2022 un-busi-ness Planner COMING SOON

Still with all the amazing features that has made this planner a must have daily tool (don’t leave home without it), plus a bonus Productivity Course!

Packed with fun and useful new features like:

  • Time measuement & effectiveness thanks to Marton Medina
  • Communications plan
  • Space to map out marketing campaigns
  • Extra month calendars for time management, content or more
  • Permission quotes thanks to Ayesha Hilton
  • Inspirational business quotes from Rachel Allan
  • Money mindset activity
  • Month end reflection and notes pages
  • A place to record your learning & take home from training
  • Business chakra activity – clear the blockages
  • Idea planning for 2023

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Saying you are going to work on your goals is one thing. Being kept accountable is another.

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** NEW for 2022 **

Productivity course – and you gain access free when you purchase the planner.
12 months of amazing content, making sure you continue to use the planner and also bonus information on marketing, business & mindset!

Make 2022 a year where you are focused and planned.

Where you see your business success by using effective, modern marketing.

The un-busi-ness Planner has been created to guide you in growing both personally and proffesionally. Keeping a track on the numbers in yoru business, designing effective marketing and achieving business goals. All while staying focused and kicking ‘busy’ to the kerb.

Designed with this simple philosophy:

“Every day do something which works towards achieving a goal.”

This planner includes space to record:

  • Your Inspiration for 2022
  • Your 2022 life plan
  • Your 2022 business plan
  • Your 2022 financial plan and mid-year review
  • Your 2022 marketing plan
  • 2022 Communication plan **NEW**
  • Goals, actions and deadlines for 2022
  • Quarterly focus and celebration
  • Quarterly marketing campaigns **IMPROVED**
  • Time effeciency based on Contralability by Marton Medina **NEW**
  • Learning goals **NEW**
  • Targets for ALL the numbers in your business
  • Weekly notes from meetings, brainstorms and more

The planner also includes:

  • A yearly planner, including Australian public and school holiday dates
  • Monthly & quarterly reflection space **IMPROVED**
  • Monthly planners **IMPROVED**
  • Weekly to-do lists
  • Place for you to record your weekly focus
  • Weekly check-ins for gratitude, focus, happiness and balance
  • Weekly business inspiration and permission statements **NEW**
  • Random colouring in pages for mindfulness
  • Self-care contract
  • Interactive freshen up your marketing challenge
  • Money mindset activity
  • Your definition of success
  • Your version of balance
  • 2022 goal refocus and reflections **NEW**
  • 2023 ideas page

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The Book

Does marketing drive you dotty?

Would you like to create real results?

Then there is only one solution: follow the trusted advice of experienced marketer Rachel Allan. 

Marketing Workbook

The ultimate accompanimnent to Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business success; the workbook takes you deeper into the theory talked about in the book ~ giving you space to actually do the work!

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