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2021 Marketing Planner

The 2021 Marketing Planner is now ready.

Available for pre-order in printed or download & print your own.


Order your copy today and recieve a ticket to a webinar for 2021 planning and a 2020 quarter 4 planner download. PLUS order the print version and receive a free 30 minute coaching session with Rachel Allan!


Still with all the amazing features that has made this planner a must have daily tool (don’t leave home without it).

Packed with fun and useful new features like:

  • Choose from 4 different customised covers & themes (on download versions only)
  • Financial/money planning
  • Weekly check-ins for appreciation and business wins
  • Marketing your business by the planet guide
  • Australian public and school holiday dates
  • In-built freshen up you rmarketing challenge
  • Random colouring in for mindfulness
  • Define your success
  • Design your version of balance
  • Sign-up for email accountabiliity & tips on getting the most out of the planner

Make 2021 a year where you are focused and planned.

Where you see your business success by using effective, modern marketing.

The Marketing Planner has been created to guide you in marketing your business and achieving business goals.

Designed with this simple philosophy:

“Every day do something which works towards achieving a goal.”

This planner includes space to record:

  • Your Inspiration for 2021
  • Your 2021 life plan
  • Your 2021 business plan
  • Your 2021 financial plan **NEW**
  • Your 2021 marketing plan
  • Goals, actions and deadlines for 2021
  • Quarterly marketing campaigns
  • Targets for ALL the numbers in your business
  • Weekly notes from meetings, brainstorms and more

The planner also includes:

  • A yearly planner, including Australian public and school holiday dates
  • 2021 by the stars – a guide to the planets and marketing **NEW**
  • Quarterly overview’s
  • Monthly planners
  • Weekly to-do lists
  • Place for you to record your weekly focus
  • Weekly tips for sorting your marketing
  • Quarterly round-ups and journalling space
  • Freshen up your marketing challenge **NEW**
  • Random colouring in pages for mindfulness **NEW**
  • Your definition of success **NEW**
  • Your version of balance **NEW**
  • An ideas page for 2022

Available printed and spiral bound or as a digital download. Shop here

The Book

Does marketing drive you dotty?

Would you like to create real results?

Then there is only one solution: follow the trusted advice of experienced marketer Rachel Allan. 

Marketing Workbook

The ultimate accompanimnent to Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business success; the workbook takes you deeper into the theory talked about in the book ~ giving you space to actually do the work!

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