2022 un-Busi-ness Planner


Still with all the amazing features that has made this planner a must have daily tool (don’t leave home without it). PLUS get the bonus Productivity Course!

Digital download – print and bind yourself


Make 2022 a year where you are un-busi.

This planner includes space to record:

  • Your Inspiration for 2022
  • Your 2022 life plan
  • Your 2022 business plan
  • Your 2022 financial plan and mid-year review
  • Your 2022 marketing plan
  • 2022 Communication plan **NEW**
  • Goals, actions and deadlines for 2022
  • Quarterly focus and celebration
  • Quarterly marketing campaigns **IMPROVED**
  • Time effeciency based on Contralability by Marton Medina **NEW**
  • Learning goals **NEW**
  • Targets for ALL the numbers in your business
  • Weekly notes from meetings, brainstorms and more

The planner also includes:

  • A yearly planner, including Australian public and school holiday dates
  • Monthly & quarterly reflection space **IMPROVED**
  • Monthly planners **IMPROVED**
  • Weekly to-do lists
  • Place for you to record your weekly focus
  • Weekly check-ins for gratitude, focus, happiness and balance
  • Weekly business inspiration and permission statements **NEW**
  • Random colouring in pages for mindfulness
  • Self-care contract
  • Interactive freshen up your marketing challenge
  • Money mindset activity
  • Your definition of success
  • Your version of balance
  • 2022 goal refocus and reflections **NEW**
  • 2023 ideas page

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