Day 10 – Act of Kindness


As an act of kindness I am giving TEN business owners a copy of Authentic, Dynamic Savvy AND also an audio version of When Business Meets Baby

This is valued at $67 each – and I only have 10 of these packs to offer.

7 in stock



Receive 1 copy of Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business success ~ currently on pre-order

Look, inauthentic old-school marketing just doesn’t work these days. You need modern marketing. In fact, you need a ground-breaking system that blends proven, cutting-edge marketing strategies with potent mindset work. For more follow this link

Receive 1 copy of When Business Meets Baby: Practical Tips and Tools for achieving balance

All over the globe, women are taking control by starting their own businesses – businesses that (they hope) will grow around the needs of their babies. If you are ready to combine entrepreunership with the rewards of mtherhood, let this book show you how to do it with love, grace, business smarts and pizzazz. For more follow this link