Adapted from authentic, dynamic, savvy: Modern marketing for business success by Rachel Allan

Taking a savvy approach to business research means supporting your experience and intuition with data and facts. The purpose of conducting business research for effective marketing is so you can attract the right people at the right time into your business.

Put simply the basic theory of marketing is having a product or service that appeals to a customer and creating the right message and placing it in the right place.

Research helps you to define your customer, matching your products and services. Giving you a better understanding of you, your business and your competitors.

Savvy research will enable you to:

  1. Tuning into you

In order to understand your values and your personality to be a better person in both business and life.

  1. Learning about your business

Your customers, products & services and your competitors are all important aspects to understand before you can set strategy.

  1. Taking a practical approach to marketing

Ensuring your marketing strategy is both achievable and the most effective to reach your audience. 

  1. Using good judgement

The ability to blend facts and intuition to make strong decisions relevant to you, your business and your customers.

When you read Authentic Dynamic Savvy: Modern marketing for business success, you will discover why market research begins with understanding your personality, style and values. Also why it is important to make time for self-care and to recharge your energy. Enabling you to have the right mindset and confidence to create effective marketing.

Without understanding you, you will not be able to show up with confidence. Confidence in both yourself and your expertise. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others.

Crucially, you also need to understand your customers, products and services at a deep level, and understand how they relate to each other. This helps you create messages that appeal to your customers’ desires and address their pains and excuses.

When your messaging is on target, you will find it easy to have your ideal client know you, likeyou, trust you. Ultimately ending in making sales.

Your savvy research will reveal the true potential of your business, enabling you to see where you need to shift your identity and beliefs. It allows you to make strong decisions for your business.

Research goes beyond the data. Savvy research is about understanding you AND your business. It is about always learning and seeking knowledge and then making tweaks to your marketing and yourself to improve outcomes, not only for you, but for your customer.

It is about empowering you to trust your intuition and knowledge – using data to support your decisions.

Choose savvy research to:

  • Create a purpose-driven business
  • Be unique in the way you show up
  • Attract your ideal customer
  • Develop trust in yourself, allowing you to be the best version of YOU

When you implement the savvy research advice, the success you have defined and planned for yourself will echo throughout your business. Effective research will give you a better understanding of you and your business.

Effective marketing will lead you to business success. Research underpins your plan for success.

The combination of planning and research gives you everything you need to create a dynamic strategy.

Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy - the book

Look, inauthentic old-school marketing just doesn’t work these days. You need modern marketing. In fact, you need a ground-breaking system that blends proven, cutting-edge marketing strategies with potent mindset work.

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