When Business meets baby


Achieve balance

As a reader of When Business Meets Baby you would have come across where these resources are referenced within the book. Further practical tips and tools to assist you achieve balance in your business, life and for yourself.

Online Courses

Explore the areas of business, life and self in relation to balance. Take back control and be closer to achieving your goals.

Top business books


Download a list of Rachel Allan’s top 10 business books


Marketing Process

Rachel Allan has created, and evolved a marketing process to help clients and followers understand marketing.

Childless Friends

This article refers  to friends with children v’s those who are childless and how relationships change.


Top Affirmations

Download these affirmations you can use in your daily life to change your mindset.


Camping Packing List

 Going on holidays with babies and children is not easy. Rachel Allan  shares her packing list


Morning Rituals

Lee Squire shares her morning routine so we can all start our day in the right way, with energy and vitality.

Mothers Groups

In the book we talk about the role mother’s groups have on how we are feeling and also mother guilt. Read the article referred to here. 

Controlled Crying

In the book controlled crying was discussed – here is the article that is referred to.


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My story

Rachel Allan’s story of having a busy business and then a baby – how she  started the journey of recreating her business.

Your story

You too have a story to tell. Download this chapter, which is also in the book and use it as the foundation to a discussion with Rachel Allan today.

More Business resources from rachel allan

Modern Marketing workshops

A transformational workshop: Making marketing fun and simple

Power UP! marketing masterclass

Develop a robust and savvy marketing plan, saving yourself, and your team if you have one, a lot of time, money, resources, and confusion.

Inspired Life & Business Designs

The Inspired Business and Life Design course is for those who have the foundation’s of balance and are ready to create success, by your own definition.