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Achieve Balance

The struggle of the juggle is real when you are growing a baby and business.

Rachel Allan is doing it too. Learning the struggle gets easier when you give yourself permission to let go.

“Rachel is such a beautiful real mum! She is so honest, and positive in her book. All mum’s can benefit from reading it, to help bring balance back into their lives.” Anna Every

The Book

When Business Meets Baby is giving mums in business permission to drop the super-mum myth

The Course

Get Closer to Balance for free OR create an Inspired life and business designs course to delve deep.

Support & Advocacy

Learn how Rachel Allan supports and advocates for mums in business, and how you can too!

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How can you grow your business with baby?

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The pressure cooker

Complimentary audio chapter ‘The Pressure Cooker Effect’ from the audio version of When Business Meets Baby.

Closer to balance

Complimentary online course ‘Getting Closer to Balance’ 


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