Empowering Entrepreneurs

Rachel Allan is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the realms of marketing and business

management. With a passion for strategic thinking, her strength is in strategic and integrated marketing, where

she empowers business owners to think expansively, identify opportunities, and respond proactively to achieve

sustainable growth.


Rachel has managed her own businesses since 2004, evolving and pivoting as needed. She has authored two books and collaborated on many

projects. Rachel is a sought-after coach and consultant, imparting her knowledge and producing high-quality, results-focused marketing & business



Rachel is also the co-founder of Flairbnb Property Management, where she oversees financial, legal, and marketing functions. In addition,

to managing the operations of Ballarat & surrounds properties, showcasing her multifaceted capabilities. Her background in tourism management, including spearheading Visitor

Information Centres and excelling in regional marketing, has laid the foundation for her experience to grow Flairbnb to a leading brand in localised short term property management. 


Based regionally, Rachel understands the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face outside major cities. Rachel is particularly passionate about fostering an environment

where all women thrive and are provided opportunities for support and life-long learning.


Rachel Allan’s mission is to see business owners evolve into the best versions of themselves. With a visionary approach, she guides them to navigate the complexities of the business

landscape, encouraging a mindset of continual improvement and resilience in the face of challenges.


Rachel's Entrepreneurial Journey

Business is the biggest personal development journey you will take. When reflecting on the last 18 years, I see ups and downs. I see hard times and fun times. My business has been a constant when my life has been in flux. I have steered my business through so many evolutions

It has all been a time of growth. Setting me on the path to where I am today. I have changed and I am stronger

When I completed University in 1999, I worked at the City of Ballarat in their events area, and I loved it, I had a fabulous mentor. This experience planted the idea of starting a business where I contracted to an event at their busiest time.

At the time, I didn’t start the business as I was side-tracked by a full-time role at the Rural City of Ararat as Tourism Manager, followed by working and travelling in Europe.

As a traveller, I found a freedom I never knew existed. The freedom to float between cities. To explore, learn, have people come into your life for a purpose in that moment – then leave again. To have a job to simply earn money in order to fund travel. To actually not worry about money, knowing it will look after itself.

In 2003 when I returned to Ballarat from Europe, I still had a love and passion for events and I created Visionary events, with the sole purpose of providing additional project management support to existing events.

Over the next five years, I continued to grow both personally and as an entrepreneur. I took another full time role and while still running my business, got a mortgage, and fell in love with my partner, Craig.

In 2008, Visionary events and marketing was relaunched, with a success I could not have imagined. We were in demand for both event management and marketing services. We were managing prestigious balls, farmers markets and conferences across the region. Developing and running our own expo’s in Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong. Acquiring a wedding hire business, and merging with Craig’s business to add e-business services, servicing clients across Victoria and  Australia.

Then my daughter came along in 2011 and everything changed, especially me. My first book, When Business Meets Baby talks about this journey including the evolution of the business and myself.


When I launched When Business Meets Baby in 2016, the business and myself were evolving. The events were gone, so were the expos and weddings. There was no staff and even Craig had been coerced back to a regular pay-check. I had absorbed myself in the world of digital marketing, supporting mums in business and being a mum myself. Creating strong boundaries which allowed me to be a present mum and grow a business.

Putting the brakes on a business I had started was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Rebranding it in 2018 and moving away from Visionary was equally hard. It is true about how much work happens below the surface. I had to find myself as an entrepreneur again. Decide how I was going to show up and who I was going to serve. Experiment and then focus

Reflecting on my journey, I realised many years ago I went against popular advice of niching. My experience spans many industries and a variety of business and organisation types from Government to Not For Profits and micro to medium sized business. Having operated and worked in a number of micro, small and SMEs, I have an understanding of the needs and pressures of business. To focus on one type – would be boring!

I needed to trust my knowledge of business and marketing experience. To impart it to my clients and followers in a way which was comfortable to me. Being nurturing and supportive of those I connect with. Knowing I can provide the right advice to grow businesses, it is up to the business owner to listen and take action. I also realised I couldn’t give to a business only understanding a small part of the story. This is why when I work with you, I jump in and I dig around, looking at areas of your business you probably haven’t even thought about.

I learned I needed to stop chasing the shiny things and focus. Chasing shiny things has seen me create so many ‘things’ but not giving them the best chance out in the world, before moving on. Meaning I couldn’t give you the best parts of me.

In 2019 I brain dumped all of my marketing knowledge in my second book, Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: modern marketing for business success. With an accompanying strategic marketing plan template, workbook and planner this is a winning marketing system.

Also in 2019 I co-founded Flairbnb: boutique property management with my best Friend of 30+ years Eve Fisher. She asked for a website, and I asked for a partnership. Together we birthed a business which in its first 2 years rode the wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and rolling lockdowns. We signed a major National partnership deal with Hometime and in 2022 are fast working towards a portfolio of 100 properties.

I desire every business owner to achieve balance and create success, and with a little work I believe you can. I enjoy connecting like-minded people, and business opportunities for people, especially women, who want to develop and grow their own business. 

Being a multiple author, sought after speaker, being a recognised expert in marketing, an advocate for mums in business, and having a portfolio of amazing clients who I work with is incredible. What brings me the most joy is being the mum to Miss 11.

I truly believe it doesn’t matter what you get recognised for in business (or your career), you need to have balance. Valuing family but also self. My realisation as my daughter has become older and more independent is I need to work out who the new me is. I am absolutely a different person today from who I was before I had my baby, or my business, or travelled. I have spent time on evolving the business, it is my turn to evolve also.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone, allowing my creativity to flow and most importantly doing something or MANY things for me. I have become a crazy indoor plant lady. I retaught myself macrame (to create hanging planters…) I am open to learning new things and having new experiences. I have completed the Three Birds Renovation and Styling Schools, Profit First training and about to embark on Real Estate training. I am part of a Business Business Mastery program – you can never learn too much or have too much support. 

And what I have discovered over the last few crazy years: Just cease the moment and do it. Live life, with no boundaries. Be true to your valuesalwaysBe the best version of you


As a business owner I walk the same path as you. I struggle with maintaining balance – but I have the tools to help me back to a balanced place, where I find happiness and joy. I am a present mum, but my child still spends way too much time on her Ipad. I put a focus on myself – but I could do more. I find domestic stuff dull and have an amazing cleaner and also a meal delivery service. 

Just as I ask you, I work every day at creating my success. I feel successful when my daughter is in her happy place and when clients are achieving in their business. I feel successful when I achieve goals. I find joy in spending time with friends – especially those with no expectations.

My focus is on growing my businessserving you and ensuring I never have to work for someone else again.

I like where I live, I have good business, mum and friend support. My daughter is settled here. 

With Zoom I can and I do connect all over the world, managing a team and serving clients located all over Australia and Asia.

All located here in my home office, in Regional Australia, which I share with my puppy dog – Lilly!