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These solutions are offered to you only as an optional way of enahcning your business and life.

I use these and it is only because of this I reccomend them to you also.

I do receive an affiliate/referral fee or incentive when people use the below links to click and sign up (just being transperant)

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Women do not have the same amount of super as men. Due to pay gap, higher rates of under or un employment and self-employment rates being highe amongst women.

Super Rewards was created to help women (the primary shoppers) earn super contributions when they shop.

Free to join!

Social Bee

Scheduling all of your social media just got SO much easier!

Once you join let me show how you can take your marketing strategy and apply it to Social Bee to create the best social campaigns!


High interest investment account. Watch your savings Blossom!

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Verve Super

Verve is Australia’s first super fund dedicating 100% of its resources and passion to building the wealth and financial power of women everywhere.

Personally, I have never felt more connected and in control of my super since moving to Verve.

Use referral code: FAJEPXAI

Book Like A Boss

I use this app for all of my appointment scheduling and event bookings. You can also sell products and services through it.

I love it because it sends automatic reminders.

Google Workspace

Manage all of your emails, documents and team communication in one spot.

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App Sumo

AppSumo was created with one idea in mind: the tools you need to grow your business shouldn’t put you out of business.

Free and affordable lifetime offers on new tech – everyday something new to explore!

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Virtual administrators are becoming essential to the health and wellbeing of businesses and their owners.

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Great savings account!

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