The doing and the done

Rachel Allan has worked with many, many businesses in the capacity of consultant and coach.

Here are a selection of some of them


THE Rural Woman

Assisting in the capacity of Project Manager, Rachel Allan manages THE Seed Scheme, an Australia-wide program assisting rural & regional located women gain connection, confidence & clarity.

“Rachel has been supporting THE Rural Woman in a range of areas as we grow and scale THE Seed Scheme nationally. 

She has provided high level strategic direction for the program as well as practical system development and document creation for effective team, partner and member management. 
Rachel is a strategic and lateral thinker, she understands the need for structure to bring a vision for life and for scaleability.
Though Rachel is a contractor, she is an integral team Member. She is supportive, encouraging, positive and practical and 100% committed to the success of our programs, our members growth and development and to the Company.” 


Natural Vet Co

Elise is one of Rachel Allan’s coaching clients and we are currently working through a 6 month campaign which includes:

  • Easing the overwhelm
  • Branding
  • Messaging & social media
  • In-store strategies
  • Website & digital
  • Vet strategy
  • Publicity



Soul Sisters Production

Announcing their desire to take an empowerment training based on Burlesque to regional areas of Australia, the founders of Soul Sisters Production contact Rachel to ask for guidance on the best way forward. In particular in gaining hosts to help them on-the-ground in regional areas.

The scope of the project was To develop a detailed and electronic tool kit to be given to hosts of events, so they can manage end-to-end the retreat. Additionally, to use networks to assist with finding hosts, and preparing the materials required to promote the opportunity.

The following was completed:

Electronic Toolkit

  • Welcome letter /email
  • Detailed excel spreadsheet with activities and timeframes
  • Detailed pdf explaining what is required and also tips to achieving the best possible outcomes

Promotion of host opportunity

  • Artwork for an advertisement promoting the opportunity that can be emailed, used on websites and also social media
  • Introductory letter/ email outlining the opportunity
  • List of contacts with personal introduction


Service with Soul

With a marketing campaign already underway, an urgent task was required in setting up automations in Mailchimp. Delivering follow-up information to those who were keen after a phone call, timely.

“I had been laboring over my Mailchimp automation for a while before I spoke with Rachel Allen.  After I spoke with Rachel, it made total sense for me to hand the whole set up over to her.  Within a day it was all set up with various sequences in place, all tested and confirmed.  She liaised with my appointment setter, and offered solutions to increase time efficiency, taking additional steps out of our current process.  All this happened while I continued to grow my business.  Rachel’s efficiency is second to none.  As a business owner, we can’t be an expert in every aspect of our business.  It makes sense then to outsource to the experts.  I highly recommend outsourcing your marketing automation to Rachel.” Liz O’Dwyer


Employers Legal

Rachel Allan was asked to help finish a website for Employers Legal, which was completed in WordPress. We also hosted the website and emails for a couple of years, until this firm merged with another.

“Upon contacting the Rachel I was impressed with their professionalism and ‘can do attitude”. Nothing was too hard or any trouble. I knew what I wanted, they listened, suggested alternatives and were not afraid to think outside the square. ” Sarah Wade – Director, Employers Legal


Handygirl Australia

The team at Rachel Allan is the business development and marketing arm of Handygirl Australia.

We are:

  • Implementing a strategic marketing plan
  • Creating and running localised marketing
  • Developing a licensee package
  • Expanding their NDIS and aged-care clients
  • Developing initiatives to support female tradies through education and connection
  • Creating and executing training packages
  • Developing intiatives to empower more females to pick up tools



CyberGenie Can Help

Launching a new app is one thing, gaining the support of the primary industry who will benefit is another. Visionary was asked to help build relationships wth local organisations and arrange meetings to discuss the app’s benefits for them.

The following was completed:

  • Review and suggest changes to be made to the Sponsorship Invitation document
  • Make initial contact with at least 5 organisations, primarily based in Ballarat, to set-up meetings for Sadaf and team to make a presentation to them about the app. Rachel will attend if feasible.
  • Follow-up after the meetings to determine the next steps.
  • Prepare a report on organisations contacted and outcomes

Further to the project a mailout across Eastern Australia was also organised.


Feathers by Faith

Faith, was one of Rachel Allan’s coaching clients when she was growing her business – Feathers by Faith.

 “A huge thank you to Rachel  for coaching me not only on building my business Feathers by Faith but on how to juggle being a business woman and a stay at home mum. She covered so many different topics and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level and in turn to become a true success.” Faith Valent, Feathers by Faith

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