Sharing knowledge

“When you learn teach. When you get give.” Maya Angelou

Rachel Allan shares with you six free or low cost ways she imparts her knowledge, and the knowledge of others, to you!


Modern Marketing Workshops

The Modern Marketing worshop will transform the way you think about marketing and your business. Lighting a path for you to move towards the success in business you deserve.


Power UP! marketing masterclass

This 2 day event is designed to allow you to think big picture about your business. Re-energising you as an entrepreneur. Giving focus and clarity to your marketing.


Marketing Challenge

Take our 5 day marketing challenge to a clearer business.

Create a simple but effective strategic marketing plan for your business using Rachel Allan’s marketing system which has been tried and tested.


Mums in Business

Since becoming a mum and business owner in 2011, Rachel Allan has advocated and supported mums who are juggling baby and business. She has written a book and an online course. She also speaks and coaches on balance.



If you are seeking balance, or wanting to create success in your world, Rachel Allan’s books are a must read.

When Business Meets Baby: Practical tips and tools for achieving balance launched in 2016 and is available in print, e-book and audio versions.

Authentic Dynamic Savvy: Modern Marketing for business success is due for release in October 2019 and will be availabe in print and audio format.


Podcast, Blogs, Videos

However you choose to digest gathering more knowledge about business, marketing or mindset. Rachel Allan provides it all here for you.



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