Allowing you space to work on your business

Are you looking to progress in your business and get unstuck?
Are you looking for support and honesty?
Are you seeking a different perspective and someone to view your business from the big picture?
Do you desire focus and control in your business and life?
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Do you need help with

Increasing awareness

Helping people get to know you

Having people like you

Creating trust with your ideal client

Increasing sales through loyalty

I will help you: design effective strategy and proactive implementation to create business success.

A coach is for you if:


You feel stuck


Working on foundations


Managing from day-to-day


Wanting to scale and grow


Pivoted & moving forward



Here is how Rachel can help you create business success:

FOCUS – do one thing and do it right. Repeat, test, review, do it again.
EMPOWERED – You learn how to do it, then choose to outsource
STRENGTH – Pick you up on those hard days
CELEBRATE – Make you stop and acknowledge the wins in your business
What support do you need in your business and with your marketing?
 I feel so confident in the decision I have made after our coaching session today. Thank-you, I feel so much better about moving my business to a different town! Kate, Grower

You have helped me see what I should be doing in my business. Bringing together all the elements of what I have been working on to date. My art, food, gardening and the gorgeous location we live in! Serinna


The 6 month focused marketing program includes:

Set a 6 month strategy which is aligned with your business goals. You will be held accountable to its implementation and supported at all times in implementing the plan.


Each month we will have a 2 hour coaching session. At this session we will check in with your strategy and the actions you said you would do the previous month.  Looking at any issues and celebrating wins. You will also commit to actions you will undertake.


Each week you will check in with email accountability, giving an update on your actions, any barriers and also checking on on your work/life balance.
As a coaching client you will also receive membership of the Marketing Mastermind, which includes weekly calls and an online library of videos and templates.

your marketing coach

Rachel Allan

Rachel Allan has coached and mentored many, many businesses – and loves lighting the path to balance and success. Through business and marketing experience she empowers business owners to be the best versions of themselves.


You will show up to a monthly, individual coaching session. These sessions are for you to brainstorm problems, talk through ideas, gain focus and support for your marketing. Each session will give you actions to implement to improve your business and move towards business success.


You will be held accountable through weekly email updates. When you provide the accountability report, Rachel Allan will further help you to drive forward.


We will connect your business to relevant PR opportunities; partnership opportunities and promote to our databases and social medias your offerings, specials or events (if relevant).

Power UP!

You will receive a special rate to attend the Power UP! masterclass, held twice throughout the year. Designed to give you a chance to rethink your business from a big picture perspective. Re-energise and gain clarity.


Helping you to stay on track you will be given a  Marketing Planner recording your inspiration, and your life, business and marketing plan. Allowing you to break all your goals into bite size chunks and working on them throughout the whole year.


You will gain access to the marketing mastermind where you will find a video library, downloadable templates and weekly calls. Helping you to become a better business person and more effective marketer.


You will also be gifted a copy of Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business succes – Rachel Allan’s latest book AND an audio version of When Business Meets Baby: practical tips and tools to achieving business success Rachel Allan’s first book.



You will create success and effective marketing. Giving your focus to your business growth, with the support of Rachel Allan.

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