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 How will you balance the roles of business owner and mother?

Would you like wisdom from women who have been there?

Here’s something you already know. When you become a mother, you want flexibility. You want to be there for your baby, and you want results in your business. You want to make good money, and make a difference.

All over the globe, women are taking control by starting their own businesses – businesses that (they hope) will grow around the needs of their babies. If you are ready to combine entrepreunership with the rewards of mtherhood, let this book show you how to do it with love, grace, business smarts and pizzazz.

This practical guide shares the advice of successful entreprenuer Rachel Allan, parenting and self-care experts and women just like you who have worked out the shortcuts to success. You’ll discover how to:

* Take beautiful care of your baby, your business and yourself in an intuitive way

* Set up supportive systems that free your time and help you feel relaxed and in control

* Enjoy the experience of being a truly present mother and a succesful business owner

You don’t need to do it alone, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. You truly can achieve balance – this book will show you how.

Endorsements & reviews

When Business Meets Baby has been welcomed and read by almost 200 mums since it was released in 2016. Read just some of the reviews for the book here.


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Jessica May, Enabled Employment

Janette Dalgliesh, Identity Shift Ninja

Debbie Rossi, Naturopath

Bree Skrokov, Breeze Parties

Lee Squire, Fernwood Fitness

Janet Becker, Wonderful Web Women

Lisa Rigoni, Entrepreneur

Dr Oscar Serrallach, Integrative Health

Daniel Brady, Entrepreneur

Dean Salakas, The Party People

Lucinda Heath, Signarama

Rosie Shilo, Virtually Yours

Laura Vanderkam, Blogger

Ischa Ropert, Life Coach

Brendan Allen, Stay at home mum

Laura Trotter, Eco for your home

Carly Wemyss, iBirth Australia

Jenny Brown, JBS Financial

Genine Howard, Life Extraordinary

Sue Anderson, Unbullyable

Antonette Golikidis, Little Innoscents

Chris Dawson, Leonie Dawson

Cat Farrah, Integrative Health Professional

Jo Plummer, Business in Heels

Dr Harvey Karp, Happiest Baby

Paula Heenan, The Ballarat Centre of Music and the Arts

Beth Berry, Revolution from home

Melanie Gandevia, Well Planned Wife

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