Adapted from authentic, dynamic, savvy: Modern marketing for business success by Rachel Allan

Marketing funnels are simply the pathway you would like your customer to take to reach a sale. They help customers to know you, like you and trust you – funnels really are the best way to organise your marketing and to make this happen.

Funnels uniquely crafted to the needs of your business and customers will give your campaigns direction, and will ensure they are implemented in a proactive way.

Many people do not like the idea of marketing funnels. Lets face it the term is a bit sterile. Within the pages of Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business success, it is all broken down, so you can see how you can create a funnel for your business which is unique to you and your business.

To assist in developing your marketing funnels you will need to be consider:

  1. Creating awareness (getting known)

The first step is making people aware of who you are, what your business is and how you serve them. Where will you be, what approaches will you take. This is very broad and consists of a lot of general marketing ie social media etc.

  1. Taking customers on the journey to liking you

Once people have become aware of you, and decide they like you, what is the next step you want them to take? How will you make sure they stay engaged with you and stay interested enough to want to learn more and like you further?

  1. Building trust to make the sale

People will not buy from you if they do not trust you. Simple. Would you buy from someone if you didn’t trust them to deliver what they say they are going to. It will take you what seems like forever to build trust – for some it could be hours, for others months or even years. 

  1. Nurturing your customers to foster loyalty

Many business owners spend so much time at the top of their funnel, always building awareness. And not enough time looking after people they have already got – practicing gratitude and fostering loyalty – encouraging referrals and repeat business.

Funnels are where you will test and prove the research, strategy and campaign work you have undertaken already. Once implemented and reviewed, you will see what needs to be changed or improved. That is how and where your business could pivot. You will be able to measure your marketing investment.

Funnels allow you to implement your campaigns, bringing your plans to life. They are creative. Enabling you to try different methods with your marketing and to be inventive in your approaches.

Through marketing funnels you are able to engage with your ideal client, grow their trust in you and show gratitude, leading to sales and loyalty.

Choose unique funnels to:

  • Connect to your customers’ forthcoming journey with your business
  • Move your customers through the funnel by understanding them
  • Earn trust and respect by nurturing your customers
  • Be present with yourself, business and customer
  • Develop customer loyalty by showing gratitude

With unique funnels for your business your marketing plan will be put into action, leading you to creating the success of which you dream.

Your funnels will lead the process of reviewing and making shifts to your marketing and business in order to continually improve and stay relevant. 

Effective marketing will lead you to business success. Campaigns provide a framework guided by a strategy that is informed by a researched plan. Funnels ensure implementation and prove the effectiveness of your research, strategy and campaigns.

Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy - the book

Look, inauthentic old-school marketing just doesn’t work these days. You need modern marketing. In fact, you need a ground-breaking system that blends proven, cutting-edge marketing strategies with potent mindset work.

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