5 days to focus, clarity & understanding

Be guided to understand marketing and how it applies to your business

Create a basic marketing plan to help you today

Choose proactive over reactive



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The next Marketing Challenge kicks of on the
14 – 18 March, 2022

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Day One: Understand your customer

By understanding your customer, you can insure that your products or services meet their needs.

Gain some insightful tips on what to really include in a customer profile.

Day Two: Intimate with your products or services

By understanding your products or services you can promote and sell them effectively.

Develop product or service profiles for your business.

Day Three: Create an effective website

Creating a website is not a set and forget thing. You need to be reviewing, tweaking and updating it all the time.

Develop a webiste plan to improve what you alreayd have.

Day Four: Focus on social media

Make your social media posting easier, more effective and not so draining on your time or energy.

Develop a plan to move your social media forward.

Day Five: Marketing processes for simplicity
If you are bored doing the same thing over and over again. You get that you could be doing something more pro-active with your time than the worker tasks. You are sick of telling people over and over how to do something to your standard. Then creating processes is for you.
Everyone is a marketing expert. Everyone has a different opinion. You get help in your business and all they tell you is the last person did it all wrong. You ask for help in a trusted facebook group, only to get bombarded with more ‘suggestions’ and pitched at by 100 people. All claiming to be the best.

This marketing challenge is a practical way for you to create a marketing plan which is for you. Over the next five days you will become focused on your marketing and most likely your business. You will create a plan that is authentic, dynamic and savvy. A plan which will lead you closer to the business success you deserve.

Each morning information will be shared in the Marketing Lounge Facebook group and also by email, there will be a video to watch and activities to complete. Then join an afternoon Q&A on the topic of the day, this will also be streamed into the group (if possible).