Power UP!

Marketing Bootcamp

You have created your business for a reason ~ this is the reason why you need to take the time to ‘power-up’ your business. During our 8 weeks together we will pull apart your business (focusing on marketing) and put it all back together. Brought together with a useful marketing strategy for you to implement.

Next program start date: 8 February 2021

“Thank you for an inspiring and thought provoking couple of days. I feel like I am in the way with the help of your tools and insights- now to hold my course!!!” 

Jenn Kauss

A successful business needs focus.

Strategy provides this focus.

And it gives you, the business owner, clarity.

Having a great marketing strategy enables you to grow and move forward.

It stops you from playing small and enables you to get out of your own way!

You are invited to join Rachel Allan, your strategic marketing partner, for the Power UP! marketing bootcamp to create a complete marketing strategy that will transform your business.

This Bootcamp is for you if you want to:


Take home a strategic marketing plan

Using the marketing process created by Rachel Allan you will creare an integrated marketing plan.

Be interactive

In a small group we can workshop your business together, so you can create a big picture marketing direction.

Be productive

Do the work you need to do, in the masterclass with no distractions – giving your business 100% focus

Have fun

Energise yourself and your business. Getting ready to Power UP! your marketing for an awesome 2020!
It truly was fabulous. What you have created and the way you led us through the last 2 days was phenomenal. Your program is well suited to businesses in any industry. I loved the atmosphere in the group too. I was in great company the last 2 days”
Liz O'Dwyer


“Thanks so much! I really enjoyed the masterclass! The other people were really inspiring as well – and it was cool to have a diverse group!
Your templates and format for setting out the marketing plan makes it really easy to set out goals to achieve – I cant wait to get into it – and fill it all out.”
Laura Murphy


Apply for your spot today

For the first time the Power UP! marketing bootcamp will be run online, and held over 8 weeks.

You will receive a workbook and access to a library of videos, templates and fact sheets to help you.

Included is: five 60 minute webinars, three 3 hour workshops, eight 60 minute brainstorm sessions.

There are limited spots in the bootcamp – make sure you don’t miss out!

Success Planning

  • Business excellence focusing on your customers journey, outsourcing, customer satisfaction, staff/contractor commitment and strategic thinking
  • Continous improvement focusing on expanded thinking and effective communication
  • Defining YOUR success

Savvy Research

  • Create customer profiles
  • Create product and/or service profiles
  • Identify opportunities for future product or service development
  • Understand your offerings in terms of growth & market share
  • Develop a SWOT analysis based on fact and intuition 

Dynamic Strategy

  • Understand your business goals
  • Design marketing goals and associated actions
  • Create your boundaries
  • Understand your business brand
  • Develop a marketing mix
  • Write your story
  • Create a digital strategy

Authentic Campaigns

  • Develop project plans to step out marketing goals
  • Design a marketing funnel to have your ideal customer know you, like you, trust you and buy from you
  • Create messaging pillars to help with content creation
  • Understand the value of your customers 

Pivot & Review

  • Develop realistic sales targets
  • Set your targets for quadruple bottom lines
  • Create a measurement for the success of your business and marketing

Power UP! for your marketing success

8 epreneur who is in attendance will also receive a Power UP! pack which includes:

~ Power UP! Workbook

~ Your Strategic Marketing Plan template

~ 6 month Marketing Mastermind membership (new enrolees only)

We have intentionally limited the number of participants in the Power Up! marketing bootcamp to enable you to get the most out of your time with Rachel and access her expertise.

By investing in your strategic marketing plan, over EIGHT weeks, you will come away with clarity and have a plan that you and your team can implement to grow your business and your brand.

Your investment: $1200 – members: $600

Imagine how much time, money, and resources you will save by getting clear on your marketing strategy.

Not sure if it is for you

Schedule a chat with Rachel Allan to discuss
Is the Power Up! marketing bootcamp suitable a Bricks and Mortar business?

Yes, everything we cover in the bootcamp can be applied to a bricks and mortar business, whether you are in retail, hospitality, or a service industry.

Is the Power Up! marketing bootcamp suitable for an online business?

Yes, everything we cover in the bootcamp an be applied to an online business, whether you have an online service or retail business.

I would be time out of my business to attend, is it really worth it?
Think about how you are marketing your business right now. Is it working for you? Are you seeing the results you want? Does marketing feel overwhelming and consuming?

Time to commit!

By investing in the bootcamp you will develop a robust and savvy marketing plan, you will save yourself, and your team if you have one, a lot of time, money, resources, and confusion.

Many entrepreneurs spend most of their time working “in” their business, but working “on” our business is just as important. And it really does save you time and money in the long run.