2022 Accountability Circles

$550.00 $496.00

Set strong, actionable and growth goals for your business.

Gain support in achieving them.

Celebrate your success, learn and grow as a business owner.

It is no secret that business can be a long, lonely road – if you don’t seek support.

You have found this page for a reason. Are you ready to get out of your own way to create the success you deserve?



Connect: With likeminded business owners. Support them and gain support as you all grow your businesses.

Learn: From the collective wisdom in the circle. Other members as well as Rachel Allan who has just under 30 years experience to share.

Grow: Take your business to new heights. Focusing on realistic goals works. Stay on path, become proactive and watch your business grow, step-by-step.

Commit for the full year of 2022 and receive:
* 4 calls a quarter (goal setting, check-in x2 and celebration)
* The un-busi-ness planner + productivity course
* 4 one-on-one coaching sessions
* Dedicated Facebook group
* Marketing, business & mindset digital library

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