Keep it simple. Make it easy. Be creative. See the results.

Marketing confuses business owners. I see it all the time. It doesn’t have to be. You need to make your marketing efforts relevant to your business. Set objectives you can achieve, without setting yourself up for failure.

Marketing is not sales. Marketing is not about doing everything you can think of. Marketing is not free. Marketing is not a quick fix.

Forget confusing marketing concepts and jargon: let’s go back to basics.

Marketing is about getting your customer into your sales funnel and making a sale to them.

You need to ensure you have the right customer in your sales funnel. You need to be aware of your competitors and what they do. You need a strategy with goals and how you will achieve them. You need campaigns. You need a customer focused funnel. You need to measure and review everything you do.

You need a plan.

Not just any plan a strategic marketing plan.

Your marketing plan needs to be aligned with your business plan. Ask what business goals you have that require marketing to see them achieved? There is the start of your marketing goals/action.

Don’t have a plan sign up to our free 5 day challenge (for business and marketing plans).

Planning is crucial to a businesses success – you really do need to allocate some time to creating a plan. Think of it as a road map. If you take the 5 day challenge – you spent an hour or two, once a day for 5 days to give yourself a way of moving forward and achieving goals in your business.

I just don’t understand marketing
No problem. What you need is the knowledge around the different elements of a plan. Easy. Do what I did – go to Uni for three years, work in the industry for 20 years. Or shortcut it and join the Marketing Accelerator Program. Where in 12 weeks you will receive all the knowledge you need right now to set yourself up for a fabulous future in business.

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All business owners suffer overwhelm, and why wouldn’t we. Managing financials, legal, human resources and marketing – all before we have started making our products or delivering our services.