Adapted from authentic, dynamic, savvy: Modern marketing for business success by Rachel Allan

Authentic campaigns give your marketing structure and also give you the confidence to implement your strategy – this ensures your marketing is effective, resulting in business success.

Campaigns assist in staying focused on your goals and breaking them into actions so in everything you do you are working towards achieving your goals.

In Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business success, we go into depth about how you can create campaigns. However in brief when developing campaigns you are going to need to consider:

  1. Telling your story for your audience

This could be your story, or part of it. It could be the story of your business or even the products or services you offer. The story needs to speak to your audience.

  1. Mastering digital marketing

Yes you should have a website and yes you should be on some social media. The time for digital and to put your business online is well and truly here, so you may as well master it!

  1. Putting passion into your planning

Passion for your business is the number one tool you need to be able to keep moving forward and showing up enthusiastically every day. When it comes to planning, you need to be excited and inspired by your own plans!

  1. Understanding that confidence is key

The only person holding you back from the success you deserve is yourself, so  get out of your own way! Having confidence in your self and your business will ensure you will both implement your campaigns and do it in an authentic way.

Campaigns are the how-to of your marketing, bringing your strategy to life and helping you achieve your goals. They provide the road map for delivering proactive and integrated marketing.

Campaigns bring your marketing to life. They guide you to tell your story and share your message with your followers. By delivering your campaigns you will feel confident and successful, and you will be able to make a difference in the lives of the people you want to reach – your customers.

Your campaigns will be underpinned by project plans, which will describe what you need to do and why, amongst other things.

You will see the results through positive engagement on social media, and by an increase in the number of subscribers, likers, followers and business enquiries.

Ultimately, you should even see it in increased revenue!

Choose authentic campaigns to:

  • Showcase your authenticity and build trust through the power of story
  • Manage your digital marketing consistently
  • Find pleasure in planning to overcome procrastination
  • Develop a growth mindset

Authentic campaigns are directed from your strategy and guide the development of your marketing funnel. With authentic campaigns your strategy will lead you to create the success of which you dream.

Your campaigns form the framework of your marketing funnel, where you will have your ideal customers get to know you, like you and trust you enough to do business with you (ie spend money).

Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy - the book

Look, inauthentic old-school marketing just doesn’t work these days. You need modern marketing. In fact, you need a ground-breaking system that blends proven, cutting-edge marketing strategies with potent mindset work.

Rachel has created this innovative system, and she shares it with you in Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy.