Your marketing from chaos to clarity

Marketing should be integrated across your business.

It needs to be pro-active and holistic.

Planned and implemented professionally for success.

Rachel Allan, is your strategic marketing partner and will give you direction, help you grow and create business success. 

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What we do

Together we will create your strategic marketing plan, this is your business and your dream. We will then decide on the implementation plan and who will do what.

This is when you see the power of working with us. In partnership we bring your marketing plan to life and achieving goals.

Rachel Allan uses her expertise in business and marketing mixed with knoweldge of mindset to create success for you.


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest – organically posting your content


Wordpress, Joomla!, Shopify – building, maintaining or even SEO – we got you covered


Media, newsletters, direct mail, event management, podcasts, –  getting your message into the world


Graphic design, imagery, video, colour selection, messaging – aligning you and your customer


Magazines, newspaper, TV and radio. Google, Facebook and PPC. Placing, designing and managing

Public Relations

Speaking, facilitation, media. Online & offline. Media releases, speaker kits, pitch documents & preperation

The Path to success


We will start with 5 structured brain storming sessions to create a strategic marketing plan. Which is unique for you and your business and based on the system Rachel Allan has created.


Together we will confirm an implementation plan and delegate tasks. You will gain access to our implementation team including a marketing strategist, online business manager and marketing assistant.


You will receive monthly individual coaching sessions, with Rachel Allan where we can talk about effective marketing, business success or achieving balance. You can brainstorm issues, ideas and generally gain a sounding board.


We will connect your business to relevant PR opportunities; partnership opportunities and promote to our databases and social medias your offerings, specials or events (if relevant).


You will be gifted a copy of Authentic, Dynamic, Savvy: Modern marketing for business succes – Rachel Allan’s latest book AND an audio version of When Business Meets Baby: practical tips and tools to achieving business success Rachel Allan’s first book.


Helping you to stay on track you will be given a  Marketing Planner recording your inspiration, and your life, business and marketing plan. Allowing you to break all your goals into bite size chunks and working on them throughout the whole year.



You will gain access to our members area where you will find a video library. Helping you to become a better business person and more effective marketer.

Power UP!

You will receive a special rate to attend the Power UP! masterclass, held twice throughout the year. Designed to give you a chance to rethink your business from a big picture perspective. Re-energise and gain clarity.


You will create success and effective marketing. Giving your focus to your business growth, with the support of Rachel Allan. 

The Difference

Are you ready to have a different result for your marketing?

This is not a free opportunity – this is about having a marketing partner – someone to support you and to help you make a real difference.

If you employed a marketing manager in your business it would cost you $80,000+ a year PLUS on-costs. Super, PAYG, leave, computers and the list goes on.

If you continue to manage your marketing the way you are at the moment how much is it costing your business?

Rachel is ready to partner with you. To support you, keep you accountable. Blending business, marketing and mindset.

“Effective marketing leads to business success. The only thing stopping you from effectively marketing your business is you. So get out of your own way.”

Partnered businesses

Here is some of the businesses we have partnered with – helping them to move towards creating the success they deserve.